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✓ Effective return on investment

Constant monitoring of the market, competent strategic planning and a staff of traders selected by the competition ensure a high percentage of successful transactions.

✓ Investment security

FLEX TRADE special insurance fund with a total amount of £ 1,000,000 guarantees payments to investors under any circumstances.

✓ Progressive site protection system

Certificates of Internet security, SSL encryption, protection against DDoS attacks and the author's calculated script keep your funds in absolute safety

✓ Bounty program

Active participation in advertising the services of our company allows you to earn a lot of nice bonuses

Investment plans

QuickFlex 104 %
1-100 USD 1 day
OneFlex 125 %
10-1000 USD 5 days
ProFlex 4 %
100-5000 USD 11 days
GrandFlex 4.5 %
5000-25000 USD 21 days
BitFlex 3.5 %
0.03-33 BTC 25 days
  • USD Profit per day
  • USD Profit for the entire term
  • d. Investment period
  • 100% Safeguard of your deposit
Express plan QuickFlex 104%
  • - Investment period 24 hours
  • - Minimum deposit 1 USD
  • - Minimum deposit 100 USD
  • - Minimum deposit 66 RUB
  • - Minimum deposit 6600 RUB
  • - Deposit and profit at the end of the   tariff
  • - Limited offer
      (temporary action)
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Statistics project

  • Investors 5923
  • The total amount of
  • The total amount of

Affiliate Program Description

Earn with FLEX TRADE without investment. We reward for each deposit of your friend whom you invited to cooperate with FLEX TRADE. Become the official representative and form your own three-level referral network.

For Investors
1 Level
For Representatives
1 Level
2 Level
3 Level

Reviews Investors


Cooperating with FLEX TRADE for several months. Payments are regular, pay not what for each partner - for each deposit! So I'm always in the black.


My referral network is constantly expanding, and today the number of my referrals has reached 42. Thanks to FLEX TRADE for a source of stable passive income.


I did not believe in the honesty of such companies before, but Flex Trade changed my outlook. Fair and transparent cooperation, stable payments, the absence of delays is what causes trust and forms strong partnership relations.

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